Creating a path for listed companies that is less convoluted and with less friction

The Issue

Currently, the path to taking a company public is burdensome and the benefits for smaller companies do not always outweigh the expense. Though the technological revolution has brought a lot of advancement, it has missed the opportunity to improve on the process.

Modern technological companies are still going public in an almost identical fashion as their grandfather’s rail and industrial companies did decades ago through a cumbersome and inefficient process.

The Solution

BSTX aims to use blockchain technology to create a simple exchange with price discovery that has the potential to encourage more issuers to go public to reach new investors. The investors benefit by gaining access to previously closely held assets.

A regulated exchange, like BSTX, provides the potential to improve on all the current incumbent options and offer: price discovery, corporate governance and investor protection, and a less complex path to an IPO. A securities exchange is open to all participants and not limited to just accredited and institutional investors which provides issuers exposure to a greater number and variety of investors.


BSTX Solution Summary