The Next Trade: How Blockchain Technology Will Power the Future of Market Data

July 27, 2021

Block Tribune – July 27, 2021

By: Jay Fraser, Director of Strategic Partnerships at BOX Digital Markets and BSTX

While blockchain and the traditional financial system are often framed as having opposing interests: a battle between DeFi and the old guard institutions that have been around for decades, if not centuries. But the fact is, next generation blockchain technology can solve  pressing problems for conventional financial markets. And the SEC, FINRA and other regulators are eyeing it as a possible solution to the privacy, security and liability issues.

In the simplest terms, blockchain is one form of distributed ledger technology–an alternative to a traditional database structure that can be used to store important data securely. In particular, the blockchain’s decentralized architecture, replicating data across potentially thousands of network nodes, and its consensus mechanisms, is designed to ensure that no single entity can create, update or destroy data without the rest of the network agreeing to it. The bottom line is that the blockchain represents a lower cost method to replicate the current market data infrastructure. 

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